Simple Confidence

We want insulin users and those who touch their lives to feel confident discussing and treating severe hypoglycemia, commonly known as severe low blood sugar. Today, it’s not that way because current rescue treatments are complicated and intimidating to use. We want to make severe hypoglycemia rescue simple. We want more people to be confidently prepared, so the anxiety associated with hypoglycemia is minimized—for everyone.

Taking A Different Approach

We’re developing a simple, needle-free glucagon nasal powder that is easy to teach, easy to carry, and easy to use. All with simple confidence.

For Us, It’s Personal

We’re passionate partners who share a common goal and connection through diabetes. This makes it personal and pushes us every day to develop a better rescue treatment.

More Confident People

It’s about so much more than getting a product to market. We are dedicated to driving awareness of the importance of hypoglycemia education, discussion, and preparedness. We want everyone to be able to help anyone—quickly and easily—deal with severe low blood sugar.